George Mason University Fairfax Campus Channel Lineup

Updated 10/12/2015

Due to hardware issues, HGTV has moved to 72.1. Please re-scan your TV to pick up the new location.

PLEASE NOTE: The CATV service equipment has been upgraded and now has new lineup. The new lineup will be SD and HD channels only*.

Most service has been restored. Until the Johnsone Center roof renovation is completed, the following channels may be unavailable: Science Channel, NFL Network, MTVU, BBC World and Telemundo. Once the renovations are completed, the antennas will be re-connected and service restored. Also, for the short term, the Mason Local Events channel (13) will remain as analog.

Users should still expect some pixelization and content drop-out until the Johnson Center roof project is complete.

There is a COM2000 compatibility and troubleshooting guide on the Campus Televideo site.

Update - The status of the construction is still not to the point where we can restore all service. The DirecTV dish and the 'off-air' antennas have been moved to temporary locations on the lower roof. The Science Channel and NFL Network are not receiving properly due to the new location. CTV has tried to restore the other 'single channel dishes' (MTVU, BBC World, and Telmundo) but service is still intermittent. Another outage (one to two hours) will have to occur to complete the roof wiring once all work by the roofing contractor is done.

The latest update we have received on the roof completion is now 'the fouth week of October'.

Please rescan your TV or you will not be able to see the new lineup.

* See note above on Local Events channel

Non-Digital TV's

These sets will need a digital converter box. Network Engineering & Technology has been suggesting the iView 200STB, however this device has been removed from production. NET is currently researching a replacement (HD) converter.

Campus Lineup

George Mason has contracted with Campus TeleVideo to provide content for the Fairfax Campus cable plant.

Green channel NUMBERS are locally generated (not from CTV).

Red channel NUMBERS are off-air and may change from time to time.

Blue channel NUMBERS are Analog - all others are digital.

TV Viewing
   Channel Content&n bsp;   TV Viewing
   Channel Content
2.1MTVU (Down - Sat blocked) 57.8Travel Channel
2.2NASA TV 57.9Animal Planet
2.3BBC World (Down - Sat blocked) 52.6EWTN
2.4Telemundo (Down - Sat blocked) 52.7UP
2.5Local Events (when occurring) 52.8MTV
2.6WGMU 52.9MTV2
3.1GMUTV1-SD (formerly chan 18) 53.1VH1
3.2GMUTV2-SD (formerly chan 23) 53.2VH1 Classic
3.3NVCC 53.3CMT
3.4GMU Channel 6 (Reserved) 53.4BET
3.5GMU Channel 7 (Reserved) 53.5TV One
3.6GMU Channel 8 (Reserved) 53.6LOGO
4.1NBC WRC - HD 53.7OWN
4.2Cozi TV 53.8Oxygen
5.1FOX WTTG - HD 53.9Lifetime
5.2Buzzr TV 54.1WE tv
7.1ABC WJLA - HD 54.2Cloo
7.2Me-TV 54.3Chiller
7.3Live Well 54.4Spike TV
9.1CBS WUSA - HD 54.5tru-TV
9.2Bounce TV 54.6TV Land
9.3Justice Network 54.7GSN
13Temp Local Events Analog 13 54.8E! Entertainment
20.1MNT WDCA - HD 54.9Comedy Central
20.2Movies 55.1Disney Channel
20.3Mundo Fox 58.1History Channel
26.1PBS WETA - HD 58.2H2
26.2WETA UK 58.3Discovery Life
26.3PBS Kids 58.4Nat Geo Wild
26.4PBS TV26 58.5American Heroes Channel
32.1PBS WHUT - HD 58.6POP
32.2PBS 58.7Ovation
50.1CW WDCW - HD 58.8ReelzChannel
50.2Antenna TV 58.9IFC
50.3This TV 59.1FX Movie Channel
51.1WFDC UNI 59.2AMC
51.2CNN 59.3Turner Classic Movies
51.3HLN 59.4HBO2
51.4Fox News Channel 59.5ESPNews
51.5Fox Business Network 59.6Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic
51.6Bloomberg Television 59.7Mid-Atlantic Sports Network 2
51.7MSNBC 59.8Fox Sports 1
51.8CNBC 59.9Fox Sports 2
51.9BBC America 60.1MLB Network
52.1Al Jazeera America 60.2NBA TV
52.2Link TV 60.3NHL Network
52.3CSPAN1 60.4Big Ten Network
52.4CSPAN2 60.5NBC Sports Network
52.5TBN 60.6Golf Channel
55.2Disney Jr. 60.7Tennis Channel
55.3Disney XD 60.8Guide
55.4Nickelodeon 61.1Mason Cable Network
55.5Nick Jr  62.1Food Network HD
55.6Teen Nick  62.2USA Network HD
55.7Cartoon Network  63.1Syfy Channel HD
55.8ABC Family  63.2TNT HD
55.9Hallmark Channel  64.1HBO HD
56.1ION Television  64.2AXS TV HD
56.2WGN America  65.1Velocity HD
56.3Pursuit Channel  65.2HBO Zone HD
56.4RFD TV  66.1NFL Network HD
56.5Pivot  66.2ESPNU HD
56.6Audience Network  67.1ESPN2 HD
56.7Cooking Channel  67.2ESPN HD
56.8Bravo  68.1CBS Sports Network HD
56.9A&E  68.2Mid-Atlantic Sports Network HD
57.1TBS  69.1Science Channel HD
57.2FX  69.2National Geographic HD
57.3Destination America  70.1Discovery Channel HD
57.4Outdoor Channel  70.2TLC HD
57.5DIY Network  71.1Future GMUTV-HD
57.6FYI   71.2ORCA HD
57.7The Weather Channel   72.1HGTV HD